Cozi Harada

1981/4 Joined YAMADA DESIGN

1983/9 YAMADA DESIGN left the company

Since then, he has been active as a freelance designer and illustrator.

1998.4 ~ 2001.4 Worked as a part-time lecturer at Kyushu Designer Gakuin.

2008.8-2010.8 Worked as an advisor to the Design Department of Divice Co., Ltd.

Currently, as a freelance designer and illustrator, he is mainly active in logo design.


Major award calendar

Award history

Kyushu Graphic Association Graphic Design Exhibition Encouragement Award

Received the Fukuoka Design Advertising Award Bronze Award

Kodansha Video Grand Prix Winner

Lumine Arch Exhibition Winner

Kitakyushu Wasshoi 100,000 Summer Festival Poster Competition Gold Award

Received the Gold Award at the Kitakyushu International Music Festival Poster Competition



・ Picture books "God's gifts" "Maho's signature" "Kaze ga humpmono"
"Thank you" ... 4 volumes published at the same time
・ Original calendar ・ ・ ・ ・ Published by Sunline
・ Published a picture book "Gifts from Santa" from Santa World

Character creation

・ JAXON card
・ LINE (currently released under the name of COZI)

Logo creation

More than 700 logo creation companies for companies and stores
Received the highest award for the Fukuoka Prefecture Magokoro Product Logo Mark

Solo exhibition

2002 Yokohama Mitsukoshi Art Gallery

2002 Miyazaki Yamagataya Art Gallery

2003 Fukuoka Art Museum Special Gallery

2004 Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art

・・・He is mostly

Public work

Fukuoka City Science and Culture Center

Okinawa Prefecture Yambaru Nature Conservation Center

Miyazaki Flower Park

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